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Cheap car Slide, The Parents must More Responsible

Cheap car Slide
Data traffic accident throughout 2012 released by Metro Jaya Police posted traffic accident, the main actors children under the age of 16 happened as many as 104 cases. And at the end of 2013 alone, the case is hottest deadly accident that happened in Jagorawi Toll Road some time ago, where one of the sons of famous musicians in the Homeland that was still 13-year-old fatal accident, a car sportnya. An accident was not only hurt the children who navigate cars but also has led to become victims of the other side.

A few months earlier, the same happened in the highway Cipularang Toll Road where a 18-year-old girls lost control car that he was drivng plunging into time to encourage was in the high speed. In fact, through social networks that they possess, the young girls was known is often displayed speed of a car that he drove at the moment is raced ahead.

Two incidents can at least represents a conclusion that in order to mengedarai vehicles, especially cars, not only needed a certain age limit to get through a single legality of a Driving License (SIM) , but the most important factor is the need for maturity.

Because through factors maturity, every driver is not only able to recognize condition and the disekelilingnya, but was able to understand each risk from every action that has been done when he was behind a wheel vehicle that is his.

To limiting or even eliminate number of drivers who are still under-age commonly used in the streets, role of parents as Similar people seems to become very important.

Giving the Culture vehicle or teach and allow children to drive, both two-wheel and four-wheel, in particular moment for the moment such as the anniversary of and others, it seems that must be changed or even be eliminated. Clear Reasons clearly have a negative impact of this culture driving in our country loved ones. If necessary, teaching children beloved on how to drive is good and right and responsible.

And seeiring cheap car program the launching environment-friendly (LCGC) where selling cars to more affordable, the parents should be applied more thoughtful again by not buying a car-rental LCGC was as presents to your children. Because it is not happiness that will you give, but it can be evil that harm.

We hope that more terjangkaunya rates four-wheel vehicle in the Homeland does not immediately increase the number of drivers under-age that pass through it demanded, so that it does not add nor the number of the accidents involving children under age as the culprit.

Your opinion?

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Time To Learn How To Drive A Motorcycle

Time To Learn How To Drive A Motorcycle - Learning how to drive a motorcycle is one of the many incredible experiences that you will ever have in life. It is a liberating, romantic and rebellious activity all rolled into one. Not only that... it is full of fun. It can be addictive and fully worth the risks.

However, it is crucial for you to approach riding with the caution it deserves. You should ensure self-preservation and thoughtfulness, thus making the whole process more secure and enjoyable. Here are some general guidelines that you can use regardless of whatever motorcycle you are interested in. Above all, before trusting your life on a motorcycle, ensure that it is safe and roadworthy.

The first thing on how to drive a motorcycle is to put on as much safety gear as possible. This includes the gloves, boots, suitable clothing, and of course, a helmet. Next, you will want to start by standing on the left side of the motorcycle. Now gently lean against the tank or handlebars and with all your weight on your left leg, lift your right leg over the bike to the opposite side of it. Rest yourself on the seat with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Ensure that the mirrors are properly adjusted for you. At this point, you should familiarize yourself with the foot peg positions and the positions of the turn signals, lights, and the horn. Now turn your attention to the main controls such as the brakes, throttle, clutch, and the shift pedal.

It is now time for you to focus on your technique. The right hand is responsible for controlling the front brakes by squeezing the lever while twisting the handgrip toward you will control accelerating. The right foot should operate the rear brake while the front brakes are in use. Ideally, you will want to use both front and rear brakes together. Apply pressure gently and increase accordingly until the desired braking action is achieved. Too much front brake could cause you to go head over heels while too much rear brake could cause you to skid out.

The clutch lever is found ahead of the left hand grip. It will assist you in connecting and disconnecting the transmission from any engine motion. By pressing the clutch, you effectively put the motorcycle into a neutral situation.

Of course, you will want to master the shift patterns of the motorcycle. These usually include up to six gears and a position of neutral which is generally found between first and second gear. Shifting is carried out by disengaging the clutch through use of the left hand. Now shift with the help of the left foot and engaging the clutch. You would step down on the shift peg to put the transmission into first gear. After a short acceleration period, place your toe under the shift peg and from here on, you tap the peg upward to move to the next higher gear. When it is time to slow down and or stop, you need to tap the shift peg down in order to get back to first gear. At a stop light, you will want to pause the shift peg between first and second gear, effectively putting the transmission into neutral. This will allow you to release the clutch lever and to not have to hold it depressed while you are waiting to start moving forward again.

Modern bikes are normally started electrically without having to kick-start the engine. Ensure that the kill switch is in the on position before you turn the key to start the engine. Allow a few seconds for your engine to warm up. Also, retract the kickstand before putting the bike in gear.
Learning how to drive a motorcycle is very enjoyable but should be carried out with some caution. Congratulations for making your first ride a success!

Hero Pleasure Vs Honda Activa

Hero Pleasure Vs Honda Activa - In the Indian two wheeler industry there are many scooters meant for the use of girls and working women. Such scooters are normally lightweight, and they can be handled and parked easily. There are many such scooters like the Honda Dio, the TVS Wego, the Bajaj Kristal, the Vespa VX, the TVS Scooty Pep, the Hero Pleasure and the Honda Activa. A comparison of the features of the two best selling 100 cc models, Hero Pleasure and Honda Activa, is being attempted here.

Hero Pleasure was originally launched in 2005 and it was updated in 2013. Honda Activa, launched in 2000, has been updated as Activa-I in 2013. The Pleasure, priced at Rupees 43,600 has a 102 cc, 7 ps and 8 NM torque engine. The Activa-I priced at Rupees 46,400 has a 109 cc, 8 ps and 9 NM torque engine. Both have carburetor type fuel system and CDI type ignition with one spark plug. Both have automatic transmission with dry type clutches.

Hero Pleasure has an all analogue console with a speedometer, a fuel gauge and a low fuel indicator. The all analogue console of the Atctiva has a speedometer, a trip meter, a fuel gauge, a tachometer and low fuel and low oil indicators. Both have electric starters. The bike has a 4 Ah battery with a 35 w reflector headlamps, 5 w tail lamp, 21 w brake lamp and turn signals. Honda Activa has a 3 Ah maintenance free battery with 35 w reflector type headlamp, LED tail lamp and turn signal.

Both the scooters have high rigidity under bone type chassis. The suspension of Pleasure is bottom link with spring loaded hydraulic damper at the front and swing arm with spring loaded hydraulic damper at the rear. Activa too has spring-loaded hydraulic dampers at both ends. Pleasure comes in several colours like orange, green, silver, purple, black, red and white, blue, white only and red. Honda Activa comes in Geny grey metallic, candy lucid red and metallic black.

Hero Pleasure weighing 104 kg is lighter than the 110 kg Activa. The ground clearance of Activa is 153 mm which is better than the 125 mm of Pleasure. The brakes are 130 mm drum type at both ends for both vehicles. The tyres are of 3.50x10''-51J size for Pleasure and of 90/100x10"-53Jspecification for Activa. The mileage and top speed of Pleasure are 49 kmpl and 77 kmph and that of Activa 55 kmpl and 85 kmph.

The ride quality and the greater range of colours are the plus points as far as Hero Pleasure is concerned. Its combo brake system and a better fuel efficiency are advantageous for the Honda Activa.

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10 Steps To Finding Reputable Used Car Dealerships

10 Steps To Finding Reputable Used Car Dealerships - When it comes time to replace your vehicle with a pre-owned automobile, finding the right used car dealerships to shop can be tough. Here is a quick list of ten ways to find the best one for you.

Ask Around

Word of mouth is still the best advertising. Talk to the people you know who have recently (in the last year or two) purchased a vehicle from a dealer. How was their experience? Would they go back?

Research Online

Look up the business's social media reviews. People are very candid on the Internet. But, take these reviews with a grain of salt. It is much more likely for someone to leave a bad review than a positive one. Also, check that a real customer, and not just someone who works for the company, created the good reviews.

Reference the Better Business Bureau

The BBB website records complaints filed against companies that can be viewed for up to 3 years after being filed. The BBB also shows whether or not the business did anything to resolve the issues in each case.

Read Consumer Reports

The Consumer Satisfaction Index and the Sales Satisfaction Index housed with J. D. Power and Associates gives great insight into the buying and service experience of a company.

Know What You Want

Do enough information gathering on the type vehicle you are planning to buy to know if you are getting a good deal or not. If you do not know exactly what you are looking to purchase this can be a little tricky.

Now let's take our search offline and into some actual used car dealerships. Start visiting individual lots and noting the experience at each. Dealers are usually located in close proximity to one another so it is easy to hit a few in a short period of time. Here are the things you need to look for.


Different lots will have a variety of vehicles. From your previous data gathering you should have a good idea of what make and model you would like to buy. Pick a dealer that sells and services a lot of these models.


Are the grounds clean? Is the building well maintained? Generally if a place does not care enough to keep their property nice, they are not going to care too much about treating you well either.

Customer Service

It is easy to pick out a desperate salesperson. If they come on too strong or steer you toward more expensive or less reliable vehicles than you are looking for, then look for the door.

Available Services

Find out what all is offered when you buy from each business. Do they guarantee the vehicle for a certain amount of time? How much maintenance and repair is included? This is a great aspect to negotiate on if they will not budget on the price.

How long has that particular dealership been operating in your town? The truth of the matter is bad businesses will go out of business, especially in a service-oriented industry. The longer they've been around, the more confident you can be in their business.

Five Tips On Researching Used Car Dealers

Five Tips On Researching Used Car Dealers - "Knockout Prices!" Yes, I'm tired of hearing that one too. That's why I decided to become a vigilant buyer when it comes to doing business with used car dealers. Conveniently, I compiled a list of tips after years of haggling with car salesmen and dealers alike. Do your sanity a favor, ignore the hype of cheesy dealership commercials and do what smart buyers have been doing for years: Read these tips!


The business generated by used car dealers ultimately depends on what customers say about them, period. No late night infomercial can trump a bad reputation or, even worse, bad press. Paying attention to customer satisfaction reports is perhaps the best equalizer you can have when choosing a dealer. That is a stone cold fact. Thankfully, conducting an Internet search is easy, right? Wrong. Conveniently, you'll encounter a million articles screaming for your precious click. Sound daunting and confusing? Trust me, it'll be both. Playing Russian roulette with your money is... I'll leave it at that. That's why it's imperative for you to remember the next tip.


It's no secret, used car dealers are a dime a dozen (thankfully the annoying ones go out of business pretty quickly), but the best ones stick around for the long haul and fight for your attention. They usually buy late night TV spots and have the funniest lowbrow commercials. That's the guy you want to buy from, seriously. Why risk financing your next vehicle through an unproven business or boring salesman? Concisely, the longer a business stays in operation, the less likely they are going out of business. My advice is to stick with the guys (and gals) who have the funniest late night infomercials.

The Better Business Bureau

I cannot stress enough how important (and easy) it is to request copies of customer satisfaction records from your state's Better Business Bureau (BBB). Take advantage of them! Plus, it's free and they hold complaint records for up to three years. If a business screws somebody over and hasn't resolved the issue, the BBB will let you know. Stay away from businesses that don't report to them.

Shop Around

Yes, it needs to be said: "Shop around!" This is a free country and we have a lot of options. Take advantage of your freedom to choose! You have no excuses, well, maybe if you have to be at work early or something, but that's the only one you have. Shop around and make sure to tell each salesman that you're doing so. Who knows, you might end up the subject of a bidding war, which means that you will save a ton of money!

J.D. Power and Associates Ratings

J.D. Power and Associates keeps holistic rankings called Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) sheets. These sheets give an overview of customer satisfaction specifically ranked by manufacturer. Indefatigably, many car dealers will gladly hand over their J.D. Power report cards if asked to produce one; if they don't, run away! Whatever the case, be sure to read these reports carefully and with caution before doing anything.

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How To Repair Leather Car Seat Covers

How To Repair Leather Car Seat Covers - For your car to retain its good looks, you need to repair the seat cover if it's ripped. The good side is that it's very easy to repair it. The first thing that you need to do is to clean the leather around the rip with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.

After cleaning the area you should let it dry completely and if there are any loose threads, you should push them into the damaged area or cut them off.

Before you begin the next step you should fix any loose flaps with a small amount of repair compound. After doing this you should remove any ragged edges with scissors then press the sides of the rip together.

You should then spread a thin layer of the repair compound over the area that you are repairing. For ideal results you should ensure that the repair compound overlaps about half an inch around the damaged area.

You should smooth out the compound on the damaged area and let it dry completely. If there is any excess compound you should wipe it off. You should apply another layer of the compound until you are satisfied with the repair.

To create a strong bond, you should place a metal cookie sheet under the leather cover (where the rip is). You should then activate the heat bonding tool and press it against the adhesive-covered rip.

After doing this you should smooth out the surface using a new alcohol pad. When smoothing you should be careful and avoid removing the repair compound. If necessary you should use a 600 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the area.

You should then remove any particles from the sanding and apply a light coat of the color-flex with an applicator brush. You should repeat this process until you are satisfied with the result.

Once you apply a coat, you should allow 15 minutes for it to dry. After applying the final coat you should leave the leather to dry completely for 24 hours. After the entire area has completely dried, you should apply conditioner.

Replacement Car Keys

Replacement Car Keys - Car keys are important and losing them can spell trouble especially for people who need their ride. More often than not a car owner has a spare; however, if that is also lost or misplaced, then getting a replacement is the best option. Needless to say, getting a replacement key from your auto dealer can be very costly and time-consuming. Knowing the type of car key that one has though can cut the cost of replacing it.

Car Key Types

Car keys come in different types, but are divided into three main types. The old styles are the traditional metal keys that old car are installed with. The new car models have ones that are equipped with a chip which sends out a code to the car's computer to start it. The latest models are the ones that are called electronic car keys or fobs and control the car's ignition and doors.

Replacing Car Keys
Replacing lost keys by requesting from the auto dealer can be an expensive option and one would have to wait for several days in order for the car keys to be delivered. The keys will also need to be programmed so that it would be compatible with the car's computer.

For those who have an older car model that have metal keys, they can call their local locksmith to make a replacement for them. More often than not locksmiths have master keys which they can make to help car owners. On the other hand, smart key car owners might find it difficult to have their replacement keys as these key types would require programming the car as well as the key to start the vehicle. There are some locksmiths that do offer replacement key services; however they are rare as it would require one to specialize and have the right tools or equipment to program the key and the vehicle's computer.

Cost of Replacement
Replacing one's keys can be expensive. However, before contacting your auto-dealer, it is best to contact first your local locksmith to inquire if they perform such service. Cost for replacement from dealers can be twice or thrice the amount your locksmith will charge you for a replacement. Another benefit to consider is that you can get your new keys in matter of few hours or days which can be longer if one would order these from the dealer. Some locksmiths may also be authorized or have car codes which would make it easier for o

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About Honda CB1000R Vs KTM Super Duke 990 R

Honda CB1000R Vs KTM Super Duke 990 R

Duke power on paper that the V twin engine reaches its peak at 125 hp while the CB 125.09 HP (92 kW) @ 10000 rpm in the design ... how ..? although relatively however interesting to observe

Honda CB1000R Vs KTM Super Duke 990 R

CB1000R tend to have a "thing" while the Super Duke represents a form of "wake up" or what is it, which is definitely very cool

Honda CB1000R Vs KTM Super Duke 990 R

we see from behind, relatively the same as Moge (big bike)

Honda CB1000R Vs KTM Super Duke 990 R

For the body if the CB 1000 tend to avoid a gap between the body so that it felt solid, but rather in nakednya super Duke pengin look "hollow" and appeared teralisnya ... weight 217 kg while the duke CB = 186 kg

Honda CB1000R Vs KTM Super Duke 990 R

 I explained about the Honda CB1000R motorcycle, following a review of its forward

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Specification Range Rover

specification Range Rover

Clearly, the Range Rover wanted to create a car that is as interesting as the other Rangie models, design and interior quality is excellent, and the prices are more affordable. Indeed, the first step is not as smooth as expected (see box History). 

However, the presence Evoque 5-door or 3-door (our test unit performed fits with its coupe emblem), is a premium SUV that is ready to lunge compact 4x4 market. 

Evoque Power is supplied by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, and the lowest variant offered at a price below USD 50 thousand. While the best version sold approaching USD 70 thousand. Diesel models which we try priced $ 65 328 is not equipped with the optional extra. 

At that price you can get a prestigious coupe 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine-powered 183 hp accompanied automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. 

Offered are optional, front-wheel drive, manual transmission, gasoline engine, the trim is cheaper and a more expensive variant of the units we tested, some additional features as well as other devices that can mengkatrol Evoque prices up to USD 80 thousand. And our goal this time is to find out whether the car is worth valued as expensive as it 

performance range rover 
Press the starter button, the 2.2-liter engine will be live and you may be surprised to hear the quietness of the engine noise at idle. 

Clearly felt, improvements made ​​in energy depot already equaled Jaguar XF, and even the same as other cars that use this engine. 

Evoque comes Terrain Response System. This system not only set up the hardware and software to react to a variety of road surfaces, but also adjust how deep you have to step on the gas pedal. When driving without a program, then enable dynamic mode - both of them were intended for normal driving - response produced smooth and soft. It's a little slow when berkaselerasi from rest, a six-speed automatic transmission that was smooth move more slowly to give a positive impression at every turn of his teeth. 

With the gearshift is smooth and smart, in a driving mode 'Drive' fuel efficiency so very influential. The influence of the slow throttle response when you need excess power makes the car lower gear position. Select mode 'Sport' then the state will be little changed, however, let's say you need to increase the speed of a sudden, the resulting boost deemed inadequate. Do not worry, there are paddle shifts on the steering wheel if you want memindahlan gear to a lower position - something that often we do without our prior estimate. 

The weight of 1,815 kg the powerful 183 hp Evoque is its superiority. In our test circuit, a torque of 419 Nm is able to deliver the Evoque reach 100 kph from standstill in 8.5 seconds and accelerates from 50 kph to 110 kph in 9.5 seconds. Meanwhile according to claim maximum speed is 194 kph Land Rover. Note that it is not bad, considering people do not expect an SUV can run fast. Most of Evoque buyers will probably not be those who never had a previous SUV. And they might be a little bit surprised, how a car worth USD 74 thousand to have performance that is not much different than the real or coupe that they had before.

Make a sketch first before modifying the bike

Make a sketch first before modifying the motor

For modifier before realizing it then that comes to mind is that there is in fantasy. Is it enough in mere wishful? Ooo, of course not. It is better realized in the design sketch. 

"I almost always make a sketch of the design before building the motor. Because it will be easier if you know where before it would start everything. 

With a sketch of the design can be thought of detail it takes to work on a motorcycle. Also there is a picture which is done first. It would certainly save time, costs, and labor and its results must also be more satisfying 

how do you already have a new idea to modify your bike, survived having fun with your bike modifications drawing motorcycle that has been modified, cool right

Design and features Bike Honda CB150R

Design and features Honda CB150R

All New Honda CBR150R now comes with the latest design concepts inspired full fairing of large high series Honda motor sport, Honda CBR1000RR. The interface looks more aggressive with the nuances of motorcycle racing DNA is more viscous. 

Dual headlights (dual keen eyes headlight) version of this bike gives the impression of a more robust and stronger on the front side. The fundamental error in the CBR 150 and 250 had been addressed. CBR series was synonymous with dual lamp. Not a single lamp. 

Cover the body side and rear body cover is also a new look with a more aggressive design and sporty. This model also has a new exhaust that looks more sleek and stylish. 

In terms of performance, the All New Honda CBR150R engine air-DNA carries the motor racing 4-stroke, 150cc, DOHC, 4-valve, 6-speed, liquid cooled (liquid-cooled). All New Honda CBR150R noted to have high performance to achieve a power of 12.6 kW / 10,500 rpm and torque 13,0Nm / 7,500 rpm. In addition, this bike is also fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly because it has implemented a fuel supply system PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) with EURO 3 emission standards. 

In terms of features, this model is designed using an innovative type of truss frame or trellis that is light but has a high strength. This framework is designed specifically to support the engine, maximizing performance Pro-Link suspension system that reduces engine vibration optimally, resulting in stability, agility and comfort while driving. 

All New Honda CBR150R also comes with dual disc brakes, digital panel meters with complete information (speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel meter, clock and engine temperature), coated aluminum footrest, as well as the safety magnetic key.

Image Honda CB 100

Honda CB legendary motorcycle manufacturer Honda is the result of which is the company one of the leading automotive world. By relying on highly qualified performance motor sport can certainly draw the two-wheeler users. But how to display a modified Honda CB

Image Honda CB 100

As I mentioned above if this motor has a distinctive feature. However, meeting this time we do not discuss the specifics must detail melaikan want to share images of Honda CB modification, cool, and popular. Most people judge that this ancient bike has the look of old-fashioned, but the problem can be ignored by the soil water modifier variants that successfully juggle this with a look so amazing.

Image Honda CB 100

Image Honda CB 100

Image Honda CB 100

Image Honda CB 100

Image Honda CB 100

Image Honda CB 100

As an object of course material modifications Honda CB images that I have given the bike can be one of your dreams. By doing modif motors alone can offset the cost of the course is issued and must be able to get satisfactory results

Cool Bike Modification

has a motor cool and different impressed with the other motor design is the desire of all people, because to make the change the motor or motor modifications generally require a fairly sizable budget, and not everyone can afford to do their own modif motor. 

Here are some collection of motorcycle modification that may be an inspiration bikers all. 
The more years a growing number of motorcycles modified with various models and various variations of the motor, which ultimately produces outstanding work. Beginning of doing the change or modification in the call with the term motorcycle is bertujuanya to improve motor performance but sekrang has not only performance, but the overall body of the motor. 
Create a motor with a different view will make you more cross-eyed if they have these motors and have a sense of satisfaction. 
Here are some collection of images and photos Cool Modification, which can be an inspiration bikers all.
Cool Bike Modification

Cool Bike Modification
Cool Bike Modification
Cool Bike Modification
Cool Bike Modification

 Similarly, information about modifying the range of things that can be distributed to the private


vespa modification image

he's a little picture of a vespa already dimodidikasi such a way,
straight course,
vespa modification image

vespa modification image

vespa modification image

vespa modification image

vespa modification image

vespa modification image

waiting for other motorcycle modification picture image