Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Tips On Researching Used Car Dealers

Five Tips On Researching Used Car Dealers - "Knockout Prices!" Yes, I'm tired of hearing that one too. That's why I decided to become a vigilant buyer when it comes to doing business with used car dealers. Conveniently, I compiled a list of tips after years of haggling with car salesmen and dealers alike. Do your sanity a favor, ignore the hype of cheesy dealership commercials and do what smart buyers have been doing for years: Read these tips!


The business generated by used car dealers ultimately depends on what customers say about them, period. No late night infomercial can trump a bad reputation or, even worse, bad press. Paying attention to customer satisfaction reports is perhaps the best equalizer you can have when choosing a dealer. That is a stone cold fact. Thankfully, conducting an Internet search is easy, right? Wrong. Conveniently, you'll encounter a million articles screaming for your precious click. Sound daunting and confusing? Trust me, it'll be both. Playing Russian roulette with your money is... I'll leave it at that. That's why it's imperative for you to remember the next tip.


It's no secret, used car dealers are a dime a dozen (thankfully the annoying ones go out of business pretty quickly), but the best ones stick around for the long haul and fight for your attention. They usually buy late night TV spots and have the funniest lowbrow commercials. That's the guy you want to buy from, seriously. Why risk financing your next vehicle through an unproven business or boring salesman? Concisely, the longer a business stays in operation, the less likely they are going out of business. My advice is to stick with the guys (and gals) who have the funniest late night infomercials.

The Better Business Bureau

I cannot stress enough how important (and easy) it is to request copies of customer satisfaction records from your state's Better Business Bureau (BBB). Take advantage of them! Plus, it's free and they hold complaint records for up to three years. If a business screws somebody over and hasn't resolved the issue, the BBB will let you know. Stay away from businesses that don't report to them.

Shop Around

Yes, it needs to be said: "Shop around!" This is a free country and we have a lot of options. Take advantage of your freedom to choose! You have no excuses, well, maybe if you have to be at work early or something, but that's the only one you have. Shop around and make sure to tell each salesman that you're doing so. Who knows, you might end up the subject of a bidding war, which means that you will save a ton of money!

J.D. Power and Associates Ratings

J.D. Power and Associates keeps holistic rankings called Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) sheets. These sheets give an overview of customer satisfaction specifically ranked by manufacturer. Indefatigably, many car dealers will gladly hand over their J.D. Power report cards if asked to produce one; if they don't, run away! Whatever the case, be sure to read these reports carefully and with caution before doing anything.

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