Thursday, September 11, 2014

How To Repair Leather Car Seat Covers

How To Repair Leather Car Seat Covers - For your car to retain its good looks, you need to repair the seat cover if it's ripped. The good side is that it's very easy to repair it. The first thing that you need to do is to clean the leather around the rip with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.

After cleaning the area you should let it dry completely and if there are any loose threads, you should push them into the damaged area or cut them off.

Before you begin the next step you should fix any loose flaps with a small amount of repair compound. After doing this you should remove any ragged edges with scissors then press the sides of the rip together.

You should then spread a thin layer of the repair compound over the area that you are repairing. For ideal results you should ensure that the repair compound overlaps about half an inch around the damaged area.

You should smooth out the compound on the damaged area and let it dry completely. If there is any excess compound you should wipe it off. You should apply another layer of the compound until you are satisfied with the repair.

To create a strong bond, you should place a metal cookie sheet under the leather cover (where the rip is). You should then activate the heat bonding tool and press it against the adhesive-covered rip.

After doing this you should smooth out the surface using a new alcohol pad. When smoothing you should be careful and avoid removing the repair compound. If necessary you should use a 600 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the area.

You should then remove any particles from the sanding and apply a light coat of the color-flex with an applicator brush. You should repeat this process until you are satisfied with the result.

Once you apply a coat, you should allow 15 minutes for it to dry. After applying the final coat you should leave the leather to dry completely for 24 hours. After the entire area has completely dried, you should apply conditioner.

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Wow, Its great piece of information, because I got suddenly what I exactly looking for. I am very much worried for my Nissan car seat covers which got 2 years old, purchased from Now I am not interested to buy another new. So I just want to repair those old ones. The Tips you have provided here must help me to solve my problem. Thanks a lot.

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