Monday, September 8, 2014

Specification Range Rover

specification Range Rover

Clearly, the Range Rover wanted to create a car that is as interesting as the other Rangie models, design and interior quality is excellent, and the prices are more affordable. Indeed, the first step is not as smooth as expected (see box History). 

However, the presence Evoque 5-door or 3-door (our test unit performed fits with its coupe emblem), is a premium SUV that is ready to lunge compact 4x4 market. 

Evoque Power is supplied by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, and the lowest variant offered at a price below USD 50 thousand. While the best version sold approaching USD 70 thousand. Diesel models which we try priced $ 65 328 is not equipped with the optional extra. 

At that price you can get a prestigious coupe 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine-powered 183 hp accompanied automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. 

Offered are optional, front-wheel drive, manual transmission, gasoline engine, the trim is cheaper and a more expensive variant of the units we tested, some additional features as well as other devices that can mengkatrol Evoque prices up to USD 80 thousand. And our goal this time is to find out whether the car is worth valued as expensive as it 

performance range rover 
Press the starter button, the 2.2-liter engine will be live and you may be surprised to hear the quietness of the engine noise at idle. 

Clearly felt, improvements made ​​in energy depot already equaled Jaguar XF, and even the same as other cars that use this engine. 

Evoque comes Terrain Response System. This system not only set up the hardware and software to react to a variety of road surfaces, but also adjust how deep you have to step on the gas pedal. When driving without a program, then enable dynamic mode - both of them were intended for normal driving - response produced smooth and soft. It's a little slow when berkaselerasi from rest, a six-speed automatic transmission that was smooth move more slowly to give a positive impression at every turn of his teeth. 

With the gearshift is smooth and smart, in a driving mode 'Drive' fuel efficiency so very influential. The influence of the slow throttle response when you need excess power makes the car lower gear position. Select mode 'Sport' then the state will be little changed, however, let's say you need to increase the speed of a sudden, the resulting boost deemed inadequate. Do not worry, there are paddle shifts on the steering wheel if you want memindahlan gear to a lower position - something that often we do without our prior estimate. 

The weight of 1,815 kg the powerful 183 hp Evoque is its superiority. In our test circuit, a torque of 419 Nm is able to deliver the Evoque reach 100 kph from standstill in 8.5 seconds and accelerates from 50 kph to 110 kph in 9.5 seconds. Meanwhile according to claim maximum speed is 194 kph Land Rover. Note that it is not bad, considering people do not expect an SUV can run fast. Most of Evoque buyers will probably not be those who never had a previous SUV. And they might be a little bit surprised, how a car worth USD 74 thousand to have performance that is not much different than the real or coupe that they had before.

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