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Yamaha FZ16 Vs Bajaj Pulsar FZ16 Vs Bajaj Pulsar - In the Indian two-wheeler market the demand for the low capacity bikes are more than the premium bikes. But the young customers prefer a stylish powerful bike for daily commuting. Such a bike giving good mileages can be used for long travels also. There are many bikes with 150 cc capacity available here. We will take the Bajaj Pulsar and the Yamaha FZ16 for a head to head comparison.

The Bajaj Pulsar introduced in 2001 has 5 variants of different capacities. The 150 cc DTS-I Pulsar launched in 2009 is a popular Bajaj product. The Yamaha FZ16 launched in 2008 based on naked bike design has become popular immediately. The Pulsar 150 DTS-I with kick and self start options has a combo console with digital speedometer and fuel gauge and an analogue tachometer with low fuel and low oil indications. The all digital console of Yamaha FZ16 has an additional trip meter and a kill switch and has electric start option only.

The Pulsar DTS-I is powered by a 149 cc, 15 bhp, 12 NM torque engine with carburetor type fuel system and twin spark ignition. The more powerful Yamaha has a 153 cc, 13.8 bhp, 13.6 NM torque engine with carburetor and CDI ignition. The twin spark plugs ensure proper burning of the fuel. The Bajaj Pulsar has better mileages of 68 kmpl than the 50 kmpl of the Yamaha FZ16. The Pulsar takes 5.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph and has a top speed of 110 kmph. The FZ16 takes 5.2 seconds and has a top speed of 107 kmph.

The Bajaj Pulsar comes in colours of plasma blue, cocktail wine red and midnight black where as the FZ16 comes in absolute black, brute blue and storming red. The 2055 mm long Pulsar weighs 143 kg and the 1973 mm long FZ16 135 kg. The wheel base and ground clearance of the Pulsar is 1320 mm and 165 mm and those of the FZ16 1334 mm and 160 mm. The Chassis of the Pulsar is double cradle type with telescopic suspension with anti-friction bush at the front and nitrox shock absorbers at the rear. The diamond type chassis of Yamaha bike has telescopic suspension at the front and swing arm at the rear.

The Pulsar has pilot lamp headlights and the FZ16 multi reflector type. The 17" alloy wheels and tyres of the Pulsar have240 mm disc and 130 mm drum type brakes. The 17" tubeless tyres of the YZ16 has 267 mm disc and 130 mm drum type brakes.

Auto Brake Replacement: Tips and Common Practices

Auto Brake Replacement: Tips and Common Practices - Knowing when you need a brake replacement is not only crucial to your safety but also to the overall value of your car. Practicing routine maintenance on your car or bringing it to professionals who can diagnose and repair any automotive problem is important all year long but particularly in the winter months when road conditions deteriorate. Your brake rotors and brake pads provide the necessary force to slow and stop your vehicle, hence why brake replacement is extremely important.

How Do I Know if my Brakes Need to be Replaced?

There are several signs that your brakes rotors or brake pads need to be replaced or need service. If you feel a pulse on your brake pedal, vibration in the steering wheel or hear a clanking, thumping or grinding noise when pressure is applied to the pedal, it may be time to bring your car in for service. Another sign of wear on brakes is if they grab slightly which will cause one of the wheels to stop short and skid.

Will There be Signs of Wear on my Brakes?

Under normal circumstances, brake rotors should appear and feel very smooth. If you can see or touch grooves on the rotor, it is time to replace them. Be wary of brake pads that are completely worn out - if this occurs, there will be metal on metal contact, which can damage the rotor immensely.

Can I Check my Brakes at Home?

Yes, if you wish to check your brakes and brake pads before bringing your car to your local automotive professional, there are a few things to look for. The first test is to check for pulsation. Simply apply slight pressure to your brakes as you are traveling at about 30 mph. If all is normal, pressing the brake should feel smooth and there should be no pulsation. If you do feel something out of the ordinary, your rotors may be warped and need to be replaced. Another test is to wait for your car and engine to cool completely. Then remove your front wheel and use a tape measure to check to pad thickness. If the pad is down to 1/8 inch thick, bring your car in to have the brakes serviced.

Before the cold and ice on the roads set in, be sure to assess your own brakes and be weary of any noise or vibration that feels out of the norm. If you think that your car is in need of a brake replacement, trust your vehicle care to your local auto repair shop where the professionals can check your brakes, rotors and pads to make sure that your car is running (and stopping) smoothly and safely.

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Automotive Advice

As the technology inside cars gets better and better, our vehicles become longer-lasting and more reliable, but this convenience comes at a price. All cars absolutely need regular maintenance, and there was a time when this was impossible to ignore: attempting to drive a car for long without a proper tune-up would cause obvious signs of distress in no time. Today's cars, on the other hand, will often keep on running fairly smoothly even as their insides succumb to wear and tear, which is a big relief to someone with a busy lifestyle but also makes it a little bit too easy to forget about the maintenance a car requires. A car might run for a long time without proper attention, but eventually something will go wrong, and it will be a much more expensive and time-consuming problem than it needed to be. We all know how easy it is to ignore the need for maintenance, so here is some advice on the most important aspects of good car care.

The common wisdom is that you need to get regular oil changes, and this is absolutely true, but even those who take care to follow this advice are often missing out on its full benefit. With the speed and convenience of rapid oil change outlets, fewer and fewer people are getting their oil checked and changed by actual auto repair facilities, and therein lies a problem: one of the main reasons that regular oil changes are so important is that they give your mechanic a chance to spot any other problems that exist or are developing in your vehicle. This is especially important for people who do a lot of their driving in rural areas: dirt, mud and salt all accelerate the problems that plague vehicles.

One of the biggest differences with service from a mechanic is that you can get your filters checked alongside your oil change. Filters are highly problem-prone and yet they are also highly overlooked by car owners, even though regular oil changes won't do much if the filtration is bad. In general, filters will get around 30,000km before they need to be replaced, but if you aren't getting at least some of your regular oil checks done by a mechanic, they might go twice that long without anybody even looking at them.

The other important thing that a mechanic will check is your brakes. Once again, while cars used to make even the smallest brake problems impossible to ignore, modern vehicles will keep working until the brakes are worn down to steel-on-steel without many drivers even noticing. An oil change is the perfect time to check for deterioration and any other problems in the brake line, which is vital not only to the health of your car but also to your own safety and peace of mind while driving it.

In addition to these primary concerns, there are all the little things a mechanic will do. Details like door lubrication, light checks, tire pressure checks and an overall assessment of the vehicle both inside and out are essential to preventing expensive or dangerous problems in the future, and they also keep your car running at peak quality and efficiency. This in turn provides a superior driving experience: a car that is more responsive and simply feels better from behind the wheel.

A vehicle that never gets real maintenance is like a ticking time bomb, ready to become a major inconvenience without warning-maybe at the worst possible time. Finding a good mechanic means shopping around, checking referrals and doing some research. With regular care by someone who has the right expertise, most cars will pretty much last forever.

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Your First Car In USA  Tautan
Your mobility depends too much on your possession of a private vehicle. You may go for a car, motorcycle or truck as your own vehicle. But due to severe weather conditions in many regions it is not a good idea to depend on motorcycles all the time. It is also not a good idea to have a truck or SUV as they drink lot of gas and the maintenance is high. Somewhere in the middle and perfectly positioned vehicle for Desi would be a car. There are various types of cars to suite your need.

What you should have

If you are a single man and do not depend primarily on your car for commuting to your work, then go for anything as you wish.

There are coupes which have capacity for 4 persons but only two big doors. Primarily these cars are designed keeping in view for two, driver and one passenger. The other model is the sedan which has capacity for 5 and has 4 doors. This can also be called a family car. Depending on the size of the car, they are categorized as Compact, Mid-sized and Full. Compact cars are very small in size and have a good mileage per gallon too. Some manufacturers even make two seated compact cars. The power of the compact car is also little less than the cars of other categories. There are other cars that have powerful engines and are rated as sports cars.

On the contrary, if you have a big family and need more space in your vehicle, then go for van/SUV. But I wont suggest this idea to people who have just come to US, before/after marriage and don't have any kids.

Besides, it is always your dream and desire that makes you to go for a particular type and model. But before deciding upon something, you must give a thought to the other factors like, the mileage, sitting capacity, transmission, trunk capacity, engine power, ease of driving/safety, interior, power doors and anti-theft devices. Also your affordability plays a major role in purchasing a vehicle.

Do you have a driver license yet? It is most important to have one before going for a vehicle. Various states have different rules for issuing drivers license. You can logon to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sites to know about the pre-requisites and methods of getting one driver license for your state. Normally it involves a written examination, minor vision test and a road test.

The never-ending comparison

Now you have to decide whether to buy a new car or a used car. I wont suggest you any thing or force you to go for what I think is right, but you must know the good and bad things involved in each.

Used Cars

* They are cheaper.

* They may be old.

* They might have more than one owner.

* They could be purchased from private parties or authorized dealers.

* They might have gone through serious maintenance/repair in the past.

* They might have gone through an accident in the past.

* Some parts/components are just about to die.

* There may not be enough warranty/guaranty on some expensive parts.

* The mileage may not be good.

* They may need more maintenance.

* They may not be reliable for long drives.

* Resale may be a headache.

New Cars

* They are not cheap.

* They are covered under manufacturer/dealer warranty.

* Their fuel efficiency must meet the specification.

* There is the satisfaction of owning a new car.

* Easy to get a finance for new car than a used car.

* No need to worry about the engine, body, suspension, tyre, batteries and interior conditions.

* Insurance premium may be higher.

* Can only be bought from an authorized dealer.

There are many other things that can be discussed as advantages and disadvantages under both the headings. However, I don't want to focus on them right now. If you are convinced to buy a new car, then go for it.

Your target

Now it is the time for you to decide the Make, Model and Type of your car. In US you will find hundreds of Make and Models (no Hind Motors/Maruti cars of course). From a Desi prospect I would say it is better to start with Honda/Toyota/Nissan. These Japanese car manufacturers know our requirement and never ditch us on the highways. The engines are good and prices are low. They run long enough before giving up. The life of a Honda/Toyota is considered to be 300K miles. But the look and interior designs are not at par with the American/European cars.

Buying a New Car

Take a cup of coffee, chat with your friends and go through some reviews before you decide upon the make model and color of your first dream car in USA. Check for the existing/upcoming models of your car by logging onto the sites. Select the color and interior and look at the car through the simulator. The most important thing that you must consider here is that, when the next model is going to be released. If it is very soon, then don't go for it, because after you buy your car, you will see the newer model in the market and the resale value of your car will fall drastically.

Cars with automatic transmission and power window have good resale value. ABS and anti-theft devices are added advantages. Leather interior is as per your wish.

Now you have all the details in your mind and the budget is also finalized. Next step is to study the finance market and look for the bank/credit union who gives the best APR. Also don't forget to decide upon your auto insurance. Find out a good insurance company and try to get a quote from them. The premium varies from place to place. With all these things set up, go to the Auto-Mall of your city. Go for a test drive for the car you have already decided. Beware of the car sales representatives. They will always try to sale you the most expensive car they have. But you shouldn't deviate from your decision. Try to bargain with them for a possible reduction in their margin and ask for extra accessories.

What is the status of the loan? Have you arranged one or you want the dealer to make some arrangements for you? Always try to bring down the APR. If you are very new to US and don't have any credit score, you may not get a good APR. However, dont worry about the APR right now. You can always refinance the loan with a better APR after you buildup the credit history after few months of repayment of the loan.

Once the deal is final, you need to sign some papers and then provide the Insurance details if you have. Otherwise, you could also provide the insurance agents phone number and the sales representative will talk to the insurance agent to get the car insured before leaving their premises (dont worry too much for the insurance premiums now, it is important to get your car insured before you drive out of the dealers premises, however you can easily change your insurance later, if you find a better one). In case you didn't get any insurance, you can always go for binder insurance, but they are quite expensive, but you can always cancel them in the middle once you establish your insurance with somebody else and get the refund for the unused portion of your premium.

The next thing is to make the financial paper work. You will be guided to the dealers accounts department and one of the accountants will assist you in finalizing the loan and payment for the car. At that time they will try to sale an extended warranty for another 3 years after the manufacturers warranty. It is you who will decide for that. Don't listen to them, but evaluate it being unbiased. They will try to sale so many other things like paint guard, gap insurance etc. I would suggest not to go with all these things except paint-guard.

After everything is over, they will apply for the vehicle registration/license plate to DMV on your behalf and give you the temporary ownership license (stuck to the windshield of your car). As far as I know, they wash the car and give you a full tank as a compliment before you drive your car back home.

New cars don't give you much trouble as long as you do all the regular oil change and maintenance in time.

Buying a Used Car

Used cars are good but not as new cars. They are much cheaper than the new cars, but at the cost of your peace of mind. You can buy used cars from either a private party or from any dealer. Here also you have to decide your budget and the make, model and year of the car that you need. Also the other main factor is the odometer reading.

There are many sites that give you the links for used cars for sale. You can also refer to the local news papers for any such advertisement. There are places in some cities where people come with their cars for auction/sale. Since you are new, don't go to such places. Rather get contact information from news paper ads or internet. Get the details of the car like make, model and year of the car, miles it has run, condition of batteries, tires and engine condition etc.

Now go to Kelly Blue Book ( or Edmund ( and try to evaluate the car. KBB will ask you some question depending upon the private trading or buying from dealer. After you enter data about the private trading car, it will show you an approximate value of the car.

Private Party

If you are buying a used car from a private party, then you need to be more cautious about certain things like, the engine condition, the body condition, the interior and the accident/maintenance history of the car. Don't go for cars that have already run almost 300K miles (for Honda and Toyota). You can start locating for used cars for sale from various sources like, news papers, local ads and internet. After locating the availability near your place, prepare your matrix.

* Call each of them to fix an appointment for trial.

* Get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from the owner.

* Check for the approximate cost of the car using KBB or EDMUND sites.

* Compare the advertised price with the approximate cost that you arrived at.

* Use the VIN to find out accident/maintenance history from and check for any major incident. There will be a registration fee for, go for the one month pack.

* Talk to a mechanic for pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle. Mechanics charge around $50 per car. It is better to go to some brand names like Pep-Boys. They are good and reliable, but you may need to take an appointment beforehand.

* Go to the owner, see the car physically (for any visible dents, body color, torn airbag containers and interior) and then drive it with the owner.

* Take the car to the mechanic and have it inspected.

* (All the cars need a timing belt replacement after running for around 100K miles, so if the car is around or over 100K, then you need to figure out if the timing belt has been replaced, this information could be obtained from the CarFax report too. One thing you must remember that, in US, the auto spare parts are not that expensive, but the labor charge to install them is too high.)

* The mechanic will give you a report, in which it will indicate the current condition of the car and what needs to be fixed with a rough estimation.

* Check for the vehicle registration, is it current?

* Is the vehicle smog certified?

With the Kelly Blue Book report, CarFax report and the mechanics report, you can have a good bargain with the owner. If you really like the car and every thing looks OK to you, then start bargaining. Don't focus more on the tires/batteries, they are not that important as the engine.


Once you have decided to buy the car, talk to the owner about the payment and mode of payment (check or cash). The owner has to give you a pink slip indicating that you paid for the car and it is yours now. He cant simply lodge a complaint with the police saying you have stolen his car. It is his duty to inform the DMV office about the sale and transfer of title. You should also apply to DMV for transferring the title to your name. For registration, you will need the pink slip, the insurance (get one immediately) and smog certification. After you apply for the transfer of the vehicle registration into your name, you are the proud owner of the car.

It is too cumbersome to buy a used car from a private party, sometimes it is too risky and in all the cases it is damn cheaper. For some unlucky guys it might have resulted in spending huge money on maintenance the next day. But it is not always true. However, you are supposed to visit the mechanic frequently and spend lot of time there.

Buying from Dealer

The next best thing that you can do is to buy a used car from a dealer. It may not be as cheaper as buying from private party, but 100 times more reliable. Even some dealers give warranty on the used cars they sale. They buy the used cars, clean them up, do a thorough checking of the engine and repair any damages, dents etc before putting them on sale. You don't have to take the car to a mechanic for inspection, worry about the smog certification. But never forget to check the approximate price through KBB and have a CarFax report handy before making a deal with the dealer. Normally, good dealers don't keep cars for sale that have any major issues like bad accident history, salvaged title etc.

Go to the dealer, talk to the sales representative about your purpose. He/she will show you all the different used cars they have that fits your requirement as well as your budget. Once you have selected the model, make and color, go for a test drive (don't forget to check the odometer reading). If everything feels OK to you, then go to the dealers office and access their computer to logon to KBB for approximate pricing as well as to CarFax for accident/maintenance history for that car. Some dealers even do this for free. Now with all these things handy, start the bargain. You must always consider the worry free deal with the worth of the vehicle you are paying for. You may end up paying a little more than that of a private party deal, but there wont be any worries after you buy the car. If there will be any problem with the car (which is covered under warranty), you can always comeback to the dealer for having it fixed for free. The dealer may also arrange a loan for you and take care of the other formalities like title transfer etc. You will save a lot of time/worries in this. Time is important and costly in this country. So it is your call again.

After you finalize the deal, it follows the same process as a new car purchase. So finish all paper work and drive the car safely back home.


* If you own an old used car that needs maintenance and the mechanic gives you a list of jobs to be done, then do all of them once. That way you may save a lot of labor charge.

* As per my experience, buying a new car is always better than buying a used car from a dealer and buying a used car from a dealer is always safer than buying a used car from a third party.

* It seems to be a huge amount in the beginning to buy a new car. But if you compare the money spent for new (repay the loan) and used car (repair/maintenance), then over a period of 3 years they will almost equate with each other. So, why not to enjoy the ride of a new car.

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Yamaha R1 and R15 - Mean Machines From Yamaha
Yamaha R1 and R 15 are two premium motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company.

Yamaha R1, one of the most popular performance oriented bikes in India, was introduced in 1998. Yamaha R1 recently got some extensive changes and updates in terms of styling, mechanics and features.

Powered by a 998 cc, liquid-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine that produces a maximum power of 182.1 bhp @ 12,500 rpm with a peak torque of 115.5 Nm @ 10,000 rpm, The Yamaha R1 is a super power bike. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The Yamaha R1 is the first bike to use a cross-plane crankshaft. The 6-speed gearbox has a slipper clutch. The bike can accelerate to 100 kmph in less than 3 seconds. The Yamaha R1 bike has a 18 L capacity holder fuel tank that offers 1 L fuel reserve capacity.

The Yamaha R1 uses dual 310 mm disc with radial mounted forged 6-piston callipers at the front and 220 mm disc with single piston calliper at the rear. The front tyre is 120 mm wide while the rear is 190 mm wide. The R1 comes with fully adjustable suspension and 7-stage traction control system.

The Yamaha R1 is available in three colours - Matte Grey, Rapid Red and Team Yamaha Blue/White.

The Yamaha R1 returns a fuel economy of around 15 kmpl. The Yamaha R1 is available from Rs. 15,60,183.

The competition comes from the likes of like the Fireblade, ZX10R, GSX 1000R and the Superbikes from the Ducati range.

Yamaha R15 is an entry-level performance oriented bike from Yamaha that was introduced in the Indian market in 2008. The Yamaha R15 gets a sporty styling, which is derived from its eldest sibling, the Yamaha R1.

Some of the features of the Yamaha R15 include deltabox frame, monocross suspension, aluminium swingarm, split seats, LED tail lights, disc brakes, and alloy wheels.

The Yamaha R15 is available in Racing Blue, Grid Gold, Raring Red, and Invincible Black and gets a black-and-golden special edition which was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo.

The Yamaha R15 is powered by a 149.8 cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, fuel injected engine that produces a maximum power of 17 bhp at 8500 rpm with a peak torque of 15 Nm at 7500 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The Yamaha R15 bike has a 12 L capacity holder fuel tank that offers 1.2 L fuel reserve capacity.

It returns a fuel economy of 42 kmpl. The Yamaha R15 comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,13,550.

This bike has to compete with other existing segments namely the KTM Duke 200, Hero ZMR and the CBR 150 R motorbike models.

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How To get Private car plate

How To get Private car plate - An emerging trend, today, shows that, for a wide community of people prefer designed especially for them car plates for their vehicles instead of the normal. These plates can be considered custom because of their design, construction, combination of text & figures, colors, symbols and the origins among many other things.

The high-end vehicle owners to the day to day to cross-border workers, who may desire to have a custom car plate. May be used to enhance the unique character of your vehicle or simply to present their ideas and their preferences. The trucks, cars, automobiles, as well as trucks can all sport custom plates.

Necessary Documents?

The essential documents that are necessary to avail themselves of that type are: ·

valid ID.

· Special Interest license plate application form.

· Fees corresponding to the desired license plate.

· Vehicle registration details.

Buyers can address the site of the Government to begin the process. It is advisable to check if the desired waypoint & the model plate is available in your site/outputs or not. Buyers should keep in mind that the Government reserves the right to attribution/not to grant the desired license plate to the potential buyer and also see that the car plate should be socially acceptable in the society. No discrimination/component offender against every community must be authorized or entertain to be present on the license plate.

· To begin with the whole procedure, the owners of vehicles in the first place you can download the forms required of any web site of the Government.

· All information must be completed in an appropriate manner.

· ID the appropriate test must accompany the form.

· Vehicle the registration details should be clearly indicated.

· Vehicle make & model should be clearly mentioned.

· Detailed description of the final desired license must be presented.

· Text Color & the background color-plan should be declared.

· 6 Choice should be completed with the order of the owner of preference.

· All forms should have the signatures of the applicant to appropriate positions before the tender.

· Taxes should be paid without delay.

· Design Components must adhere strictly to the social norms of the Singapore company.

Despite following the points stated above, buyers of porte should be doing in-depth research after deciding to go for a custom license plate. Your idea should be clear & should be properly indicated in your application form so that they can get exactly what they want. Addresses and contact numbers should be included as well to urgently address.

Overall, if the buyers follow the procedure mentioned above effectively, should not deal with the inconvenience during the acquisition of a custom car plate. The Government is more than willing to help claimants on these issues has been provided with all the rules are followed & some standards are maintained.

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Tips for changing The headlights OEM automatically

Tips for changing The headlights OEM automatically = The car is old, and if you belong to a large group of people who own one game wheels ten years ago, it's time, the headlights a relookage. A light your own, it is not only the vehicle support nine, but also to the security, as well as brings by way clearly do the way.

Let me now turn briefly to some of the items contributing to the restoration spouse acquire an excellent look : Kit

of headlight Restoration : bulletins in various Auto part outlets, is one of the best options available. Regardless of the kit also ensure the recommendations to help the low opportunities more damage.

Replacement crankcase with the new lamps OEM: this is one of the best means of recovery. Although the new Enclosures supplied with a significant cost advantage is enormous. Someone with limited knowledge of the leadership of the screwdriver can easily change benefited great look as well as the efficiency. Since it is a replacement, the new coins have to prove good, you continue to enjoy the same standard quality thinking.

Change the headlight housings with spare parts : the benefits of this option Mirrors benefits with new housings OEMS. Here the same result remains assured. You remember from various suppliers customer care for the replacement chassis. The results are very different.

Replacement lamps : it is the oldest and one of the best technical involved. hazy lights are the result of the breakdown of the exterior surface of the lens or oxidation. The problem, this is possible, through the acquisition of the material have been accused. Even if the cost is at a disadvantage here is much less with supplied; this is a process, time-consuming, and not without an effort.

Now, some quick advice for cleaning of lighthouses faster : Delete

the zone of the headlights with soap and water to clean away dust and fracture of the surface. You can also a decontamination sheet glass to tour, to ensure that the headlights are dry before the transition to the next stage.

Once it SEC, tapes outside neighboring regions of the car in vocation to the headlamp. It is very important, as it prevents the damage to the cars through the process of recovery.

Most recovery kits comes with a Sand-Papier . rubbing with one side to the other application for an area payment due care not to interfere in other parts of the body of the car. In order to access an aspect gloss, make sure paper still wet with water.

The elimination of the strips around headlamps once more.

These funds are not only helping the lighthouses, but you can also the same Marker side, vehicle rear position (side) lamps and lights plastic rear fog lamp.

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Engine speed and power motorcycle in over 150 cc
Engine speed and power motorcycle in over 150 cc - Bikers (Bos Automotive) have always enjoyed much the request in India. With the improvement of the revenue, as well as their awareness of the population, the number of persons who acquire a bicycle has increased manifold in the recent period. The people know that the different options available in the market and by increasing the income available levels, there are many who can afford more expensive 150 cc bikes in India. While the previous generation has had to be content with a low cost, less powerful bikes and scooters in because of the insufficiency of funds, the current generation of buyers has not of such limitations.
Engine speed and power motorcycle in over 150 cc = Here is a look at the five best options in the 150 cc segment bikes in India.
Bajaj Having - this as Boy is without doubt the first SAC-unites nations when it comes to the 150 cc bikes in India. Almost as bad as the first love, this bike is a great combination of good appearance, style, the affordable access, ease of handling and fuel economy. Price of RS 67000/- and above, having works in a powerful 149.01cc 4-stroke, SDR-i, air-cooled engine with a cylinder capable of producing 15.06 PS of power and 12.5 Nm for the couple. This constitutes a good mileage of 62 kmpl as well.

Hero Hunk - this really is a beautiful bike to look at, the Hunk is a judicious blend or raw power, elegance, good fuel economy and the affordability. COLORED and elegant, the Hunk adds to the personality of the additional clause and, therefore, it is a rage among college going students. Runs on a 149.2 cc, 4-time, mono-cylinder air-cooled engine powerful enough to generate 10.6 kw of power and 12.8 Nm for the couple. Price of RS 67125/- and above, the Hunk returns a mileage of 55 kmpl.

CBZ Xtreme Hero - the brother of Hunk, CBZ Xtreme is a bike worthy of the 150 cc segment. It derives its powers from the 149.2 cc, 4-stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, SLO engine with 14.4 PS of power and 12.8 Nm for the couple. Young and sporty, the Xtreme recourse to the young people who are looking for a powerful, stylish bike. A price of RS 60465/ ), this bike gives a better mileage of 61 kmpl.

Honda CBR 150R - another worthy Fahrrad in the above 150cc cycling' list is the Honda CBR 150R the price RS 1.8 Lakh and above. Runs on a 149.4 cc, engine to DACT 18PS and 12.6Nm, the Honda CBR is an expensive sport bike adapted to visit as well.

YAMAHA FZ-S (is) - is a muscular organ 153cc mountain runs on a 4-stroke single lift, 14 PS and 13.6 Nm engine. Attractive and elegant, this bike offer 34 kmpl mileage. The cost for the upwards of RS 81000) and is a worthy candidate for first place in 150cc segment.

Big Toys for Big Boys Toys for Big Boys - Suppose a small GARS, touches the floor, "Vroom, vroom, vroom my car go "imagine you seek around the small Gars of the place, and you'll see a race car bed, race track on the wall, and that the containers filled with little metal cars. Never know where this love of cars just, but it is really his first love.

The common ground that links to all the car connoisseurs, life is the love and the fascination of the car. Cars may not be attractive to children because their paint bright, silver chrome wheels, gloss black tires and the noise of engines. Many young children grow to love the vehicles. Collect Hot Wheels car or brand of the Matchbox, and play with them from the alba in the twilight to see to what extent can start from a field of racing or the speed with which they can Bank a curve. As young children grow to adolescents, the love of the car continues. A car is synonymous with freedom and a rite of passage in a young teenage boy in the world. The young man finally State among their friends. Not to mention, having a car is an excellent way to impress a future friend. This independence retrieved with your car may have a considerable impact on impressionable young people the Gars. As the adolescent grows in a young man, of his taste for high speeds, the superior performance and incredible beauty of heavy metal machines continues to mature. While before you know, is consumed with the warmer, more recent and the faster the trends in the automobile market. Large males still needs to improve their toys. After all, for most men, need a distraction from everyday life, and something that may invest.

Local Car dealers to facilitate access to the best and most popular auto parts that consumers are in search of. One of the latest trends in the light of the headlights are HID lights which provide better improvement of the vision of night time experiences of conduct. HID lights are basically two beams of light that passes through in a powerful beams of light. This led the lighting may extend far beyond the average of the headlights. This increased lighting can make safer and more effective the experience of the conduct. Consider audio Car dealers of its region will have these popular HIDs, as well as other trends of the market products.

Much time is spent each day in our cars. It is not surprising that we have an emotional connection with our cars. Our cars can be our escape with her incredible, and fast speed. Cars can become an extension of his personality and with the right accessories can make sure that you are car reflect how unique you are!

Audiomotive specializes in HID. Audiomotive gives you the best information and services in car audio and much more!

Smart tips choose amplifier best car tips choose amplifier best car - You want to take advantage of the best entertainment audio of a car. This is perfectly possible with the good car amplifier. There are many models to select from what you to evaluate each model the advantages and disadvantages. There are some essential tips that you will need to make such a choice.

Determine the most appropriate vehicle type amplifier to your audio system.

There are models that are designed to increase the signal to two, four, five or six speakers. You must select the number of channels depending on your current system or on its plans to develop this system. If you are thinking about leaving an update, you should absolutely go for a model with more than chains.

You should know that there are two types of channels. The stereo the deliver or to the left or right-side signal while the monkey which offer both left and right audio. If you're a low drawer, you should certainly consider a car amplifier with two or more channels of a stereo and mono channel that will give you the super low deep you want to take advantage.

Assess the power of the operative part very carefully.

The technical capabilities of the appliance are among the most important factors that you must base your choice on. There are two types of measures to monitor feeders. The root mean square or RMS power supply measure the amount of continuous power in the operative part be issued to the speakers. The RMS power amplifier must correspond to that of the speakers.

The other is the peak power of the amplifier. Indicates how much power the appliance is able to use short and unexpected increases in its. This number is even higher than the RMS power number. The more is the better the device go to perform so that you can take advantage of a better quality of sound.

Search functionality and the features that correspond to their specific needs.

From your home stereo system will be equipped with an integrated amplifier, you should choose the other still in line with the capacity of the unit of origin. Take into account the power-amplifier built into the unit and make sure the other provides between 75 % and 150% of the power limit for pregnant women.

If you want to have super-low deep, you should transmit for a appliance with low pass filter and integrated bass boost. Well, you will literally feel your heart will be with the rhythm of the music. If you want to more serious with exceptional clarity from their speakers tweeter, you should go for an appliance that has a high pass filter. Well, this will allow you to protect your speakers and make sure they have a long useful life of more than appreciate music even more.

Get all the accessories you need to install the device.

The majority of the amplifiers designed to be used in cars does not ship with all the accessories that are necessary for your installation. Therefore you must check what is included in the package and get the rest of the elements separately. Alternatively, you can consider the purchase of a complete car-wiring kit.

Finally, you should certainly consider the purchase of a car amplifier of a brand, which has a strong market performance and an excellent reputation. Well, you don't have that you worry about the quality. In addition, you get a warranty that is complete and sufficient time.

See the absolute guide for the 2000 watt amp models and get a lot of additional advice on the purchase amplifiers for vehicles and for use at home. It pays to be informed.

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How To Check Your Car Before a Road Trip
How To Check Your Car Before a Road Trip - Is planned? A journey on the road to the future Mediterranean? For the asegúrese that your car is for the visit? The best way to help you if you are traveling on the road de it is not, that one is the achievement of a monitoring of the safety of their full auto a week or two before your trip. is a for everything, what must be checked, so requires, in order that your car de reliable for the trip. A monitoring of the security which is the because now a small repair could not later than a ahorrarle should.

There are certain factors to be taken into account in the determination of the tires for a trip on the road and the details that should be included in this Article.

If the "Auto" a deambula addition, in another, the top speed of the motorway, which does not mean that the volante is located in the center. If the Auto Tira to an addition to the two-wheel must be.
Asegúrese that all shocks, the homocineticas together and help are under good conditions of work. There is no if no signs of damage in each of the elements, must be immediately reemplazada.

Control of the in your car on a avería to avoid errors or a oil and this, again, is one, for the article, the for transmission, anticongelante, lavaparabrisas for and for brakes.
To ensure that all the pipes and the for are either apretadas.

Asegúrese that all cornering lamps and the of is the change in your car and the certain after the requires. In addition, to take note of the fact that there may be some opportunities, not the cornering lamps must not be located because a functioning needs, that have to be
objective, the to ensure their - is a Frotis considers that free and whether it would not be what the at the time of the end of the new.
The brakes your car de Seine-line of defense and the needs as a prerequisite for the Tapa-muesca.

The filter of the air remains the entry of particles the search engine does not, however, with the time, the ensucia again and the less efficient. Therefore, the en with reference regularity, especially before a long trip on the road.

Asegúrese that the system for and systems to new products are so positive and asegúrese that the car of the cages and the ropes and cables are connected and free from corrosión either.

It is necessary that the petrol is tapón and properly. If this is not secure, the petrol in the evapore during conduces.

For, is to take into account, and not as much to the preservation of their vehicle is not a guarantee that no problems with the car to is. That would be for the constantly and with a kit for more on the road to labor-intensive is an unexpected avería estresante.

On the one hand, the less the Warranty must maintain contact information of the vehicle and the attention of all the services of the emergency aid, the guantera must have maintained their willingness in the. To take in the course of a must for the new car and the tienes on a GPS system in mobile labor-intensive.

If you followed the guidelines, secure, which I now only on a solid merecidas under annual leave with his family. Under their trip.

A1 Rueda and the tire is a family business and in the ) and the distribution of two-wheel and tire assembly for the industry trade automotriz. The company has established an operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Application of Big Data in Automotive Industry

Application of Big Data in Automotive Industry - In the sector forecasts reveal that in 2015 the automobile sector will be the 2 more great generator of data from multiple sources, which includes the sensor signals, based on GPS navigation log, ad hoc network based on data from the car, registration and license, warranty and insurance data banks, and so taking advantage of this incredible quantity, variety, speed, and accuracy of the data suggests multiple applications and areas of interest for the main protagonists of the automotive industry.

Designers, manufacturers of original equipment accessories and producers to improve the efficiency, strength, longevity, features, security, prevention of theft from vehicles and spare parts in alignment with the entries of great analysis of design data for the parameters, the itineraries and the customs of driving, cab in the preferences, the communication media use, service relationships, to make some name - as well the dramatic moves on hold and customer experience. Car dealers can renew their budgets for the maintenance of a perfect synchronization between value-cum-supply chain management, inventory management, post-sale service, a good warranty coverage policies and the memorandum.

Operators of commercial fleets, to tax authorities, the air traffic controllers, insurance companies and state and local governments will be able to address a wide range of exclusive and concerns by adopting startling revelations to crush data techniques. Of particular importance is a conservative proxy for model that you can standardize more compatible issues such as the load control, over-the-road taxes, emission levels, the optimization of the routes, traffic violation rule & diversion, an evaluation of the downtime, more driver scenarios, accident subject situations and people, the fraud and theft, sensing and signaling in real-time scenario and predictive Annunciazione automatic prevention. A special case of study is that of tax evasion for the citizens after having achieved our cash of scrap cars, by determining the likelihood of selling your car within a certain period of time, and allertando as well, the authorities concerned.

In addition to the traditional advantages, benefits of a great abundance of data are also if conventional thinking and processes divides the stage with him. For example, the web sites and software to meet the demands of car owners in regard to the depreciation of the resale value for their vehicles can exploit the added value of analysis of the data, in order to optimize their responses around a reasonable maximum selling price - much more uniform and practical, and acceptable approach for people who are asking for money for scrap cars, but delay the decision by the lack of information and the fear of being exploited.

Indeed, many micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the framework of the "used car" the industry has created a lucrative scheme apparently called "cash for scrap" only after the baptism an old concept with the common but seductive phrase. As such, it is not unpleasant, but only to the extent that there are dark affairs organized behind the dead, metals deficient his junkyards. From a social point of view, a broad and complex puzzles that involve seemingly different issues, such as increasing the frequency of carjacking & other criminal offenses the occurrences of a particular area, along with the existence of unexplained phenomena, not accounted for in the accounts in the bank the funds of residents of the same area, it is quite a big problem of data with a potential to create serious crimes if not controlled in real time, ignoring the convention of a causal link of these inspections.

How to choose license plate number new car

How to choose license plate number new car - At the present time, a car is in the list of the most basic needs an article of luxury, is of great importance to an individual or a family or just a company. Owning a vehicle is not an important matter more. Understanding of the common human demand, manufacturers have made less expensive models that will deliver only the results and assist in the automation of their daily lives. But owning a vehicle for the first time, it is so easy that you into the air. The owner must complete the records, the filling of all the books paper, File insurance and subsequently is only or you can go for the set. With cars car plates, which, of course, is a necessary element for each owner of a car. Today, there are many companies that are involved in the purchase and sale of the plates. Out of all these physical providers, we can certainly acquire its own new Number Plate online sellers, given that online retailers have some reputation of trust already.

Decision Factors: the choice of a number plate

with the proper mixture of numbers and letters is essential for the spirit as you can reflect a valuable date or something other than through the figures. Having said that, you must bear in mind the following factors by choosing your registration -

1. Length: many people have of bad memories. A descriptive plaque with a large number seem to be ill or is difficult to remember when a number of two or three-digit plate is available. Well, the shorter the number, the more it's easy to remember. For example, a triple plate figures as W234 seems to be more practical than W234567.

2. DUPLICATE: among the most popular of license plates, in double numbers are the most frequently sought. Double, Triple and Quadruple Rooms numbers are on the list of bidders and damnably challenged too.

3. Mirror Effect: mirror effect is basically the purpose of obtaining the image reflected in the other side down the line of the environment. SIMETRÍA seems to be more attractive and more practical in terms of memory and also for readability.

4. LEGIBILITY: some numbers and alphabets seem to each other when competed from a distance. As the ' 8' seems to be "B" and "OR" seems to be ' 0 '.  Try and avoid these letters and numbers for better readability. In addition, the commitment of the letters with certain social connection improve its value and its attractiveness. In addition to the acronym can be used for number plates as well.

5. Cultural: Some numbers may at first appear to be rejected, bad taste or even to be vulgar as well. As the number ' 13' will be regarded as rejected while ' 4 ", which is pronounced as "sei" in Cantonese, it means death. I would be grateful if you avoid these numbers.

6. Individual Preferences: Each preference issues as well as in such cases that you will remember the meaning of the number. You Want To you can be to define your date of birth or the anniversary date of your car number lovers of memory. Ultimately, what is more important is that he likes the number that will be placed in your new vehicle. Is personalized for you and represents your identity.

Using the factors mentioned above, you get a really long list of numbers. But you must select your identity more and that is used its goal best.

Steps to Getting Your License

Steps to Getting Your License - Getting on the driver's seat might seem like a very petty job to you. But in actuality it is not. It is actually a pretty difficult job, to abide by all the rules and get yourself on the driver's seat, pretty occupied with all the rules of the road. There are however a few steps to be followed, that will get you get you directly to the driver's seat, in the shortcut.
Step 1: Take a driver's course
The foundation to your driver's training course is usually done with the prepping step to obtaining the license part. This is where we set up the knowledge with the first step to the driving process. California, and many other states, only offers 15 year olds to be a part of driver's school group.
This is the exact equivalent to the class room course, offered by any convenient alternative. Get your certificate of completion. This is after all the proof that you took the course.
Step 2: Finishing the behind the wheel training
Now the next step will be to get the behind the wheel training. Now this will be your practical portion, and the minimum portion of hours required has to be finished. Behind the wheels has either to be done after you complete the driver's ed while you are taking it. Some states require you to take driver's ed while you are in the behind the wheel classes.
Step 3: Get the learners permit
Now that we are done with the driver's ed course and the behind the wheel training, go on and take the learners permit. You're now just a knowledge and vision test away.
Make sure you study your handbook thoroughly, that will help you on the written test and the laws on all those traffic rules and signs.
Step 4: Get a lot of practice
After the learner's permit, start the behind-the-wheel practice under adult supervision. The practice hours vary from state to state, and you need to go beyond practice hours, to gain perfect results.
Pay attention to all the things that is happening, even when you are behind the wheels.
Step 5: APPLY
Now just pass the driving exam and you are all set for the license. Keep your calm and you are just going to do it good. Have the right paper work with you, for that is the step to get to the final prize.
Once the test is done with, and the proper forms are turned in, you can call yourself a licensed driver.

6 Tips in Finding the Best Mechanic

6 Tips in Finding the Perfect Mechanic for You

Anyone that loves their car knows the anxiety you go through when having to take your car to the repair shop. Not just for the money you will have to spend but for the time your vehicle will be in the shop before it is fixed and you can get it back.
Before you leave your car at a mechanic's garage, searching is very important in finding a professional that knows how to do the job right. You also want to find someone that is passionate about cars, is friendly and professional, and doesn't charge an arm and a leg to get the job done.
Here are 6 tips to finding a mechanic that is right for you!

1. ASK your friends and family whom they would recommend.
There is nothing like 'Word of Mouth' advertising from people that you know, like, and trust. Especially from those that have actually EXPERIENCED whatever it is that you need to know, such as, who is the BEST Mechanic that they could recommend.
If you can't ask others in person or by phone, ask your friends on social media networks like Facebook.
It's always good to know if someone had a very good or a not so good experience.
Is the mechanic out-going or rude? Knowledgeable or lack experience? Equipped to service your car or are they able to perform their job in getting you back on the road safely again in a timely manner?

2. Look for a Specialist.
There are some mechanics that generalize and are VERY good. Then, there are some that specialize and know your car like the back of their hand, such as the make, model, engine, etc.,
ASK if the mechanic knows and is familiar with the make and model of your car. Find out if there are any known issues with cars like yours.

3. Test the Mechanic First.
If Possible, test the mechanic out with minor repairs first before taking your vehicle in for major repairs.
This way, you can get a general idea on their practices. This will also help them gain familiarity of your vehicle for future reference.
Another good reason to do this is to be considered a loyal customer and better known by them. You may be treated better as a regular customer than just someone that is a stranger to their business.

4. Look for Automobile Repair Shops that have a lot of consistent business.
When you go to a garage and notice that there is a constant flow of cars going in and coming out of shop, then they are probably a reputable company.
Not only would they have a lot of experience, but they are clearly trusted by a lot of people to have such a high turnaround of cars to fix.

5. Research the part(s) needed to be fixed.
When the mechanic is explaining to you that you need a certain part or parts, it's always good to know as much as you can about it.
It's also good to know if the part is new or used. If it's used, it's even better to know if a used part is being pawned off to you as a new part.

6. Check the Cleanliness and Organization of the Garage.
It's always good to know how the business is run. If it is messy and disorganized, then how do you know that they'll treat your car any better?
You want a clean and organized Automobile Repair Shop because you'll know that they take pride in their work, and probably will with your car, as well.
Using these 6 tips in finding the right mechanic for you will help you immensely.
After all, you don't want to leave your baby to just anyone to take care of.
Not just any 'doctor' would do when it comes to fixing any 'disease' your 'Automobile' might be dealing with.

Good luck and happy motoring!

How To Repair A Leaky Sunroof

How To Repair A Leaky Sunroof - A leaking sunroof is an annoying problem that is common in vehicles. The good thing is that you can easily fix the problem by following these steps:

The first thing that you should do is to clean the roof using a non-abrasive cleaner. You should open the sunroof to the vent position, but you should not let it slide backwards.
At this position you should wipe and clean the trough surrounding the sunroof using a wet cloth. The main aim of cleaning the trough is to remove the debris that might be preventing a tight seal between the trough and the sunroof's seal.

When cleaning, you should avoid using canned air. This is because the air can compress the blockage or burst the tubes apart deep within the pillars.

Once clean, you should inspect the seal thoroughly and take a look at any cracks that might be there. If you find cracks, you should consider replacing the seal. To replace the seal you should contact the car manufacturer or a repair shop to replace the seal.

In addition to checking the seal, you should also take a look at the drainage tubes. To check the tubes you should use a small cable or a coat hanger to gently probe the tubes. You should probe the first few inches of the tubes with the cable in order to check any clogs.
If the tubes are clogged, you should use a thin cable or coat hanger to unclog them. When cleaning, you should be cautious and only use a little pressure. This is because if you use a lot of pressure, you can easily disconnect the tubes causing more problems and be forced to spend more money than you are supposed to.

After doing this you should test the tubes if they are working by pouring a pitcher of water into each corner of the open sunroof.


These are the steps that you should follow when repairing a leaking sunroof. You should note that if the seal is cracked, you should contact a professional to repair the seal for you.
If you unclog the tubes and the sunroof still leaks, the blockage could be deep within the tubes and fixing of the problem would require disassembly of the vehicle. Since you might not be having the skills to disassemble the car, you should consider hiring a professional to do the work for you.

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Vespa - The Style Statement - If the word premium has had some relevance in the Indian scooter industry, it would be due to the luxury scooter manufacturer, Piaggio. Thanks to the Italian automaker that got its premium scooter brand, Vespa to India in 2011, the Indian bike enthusiast gets a flavour of this extravagance.
The Vespa S was unveiled at the 2014 Auto Show. Launched in March 2014, this is the third scooter from the Italian company, after the LX 125 and VX 125, and the most expensive scooter in India.

Priced at a premium price of Rs 75,424, Vespa S is premium when it comes to its overall looks and styling as well. The Vespa S stands out with its masculine looks that are accentuated by the rectangular headlight, mirrors and front apron. The rectangular mirrors are covered with chrome. The chrome touches do not end here. The front of the scooter gets a vertical chrome strip with the Piaggio badge. There is chrome on the horn cover as well as the front apron.

The three-spoke alloy wheels have a gloss black paint that adds to the overall sporty appeal of the Vespa S. The left side panel gets the 'S125' badging and the right gets the 'Vespa S'.

The instrument cluster sports a black theme and features an analogue speedometer and odometer on the left and fuel indicator on the right. The fonts are red. There is a digital clock on the console that shows the trip time, turn lights and headlight indicators.The handlebar is higher and wider which makes it easy to manoeuvre in the city traffic. The Vespa S gets a cubby hole just below the ignition key. There is an under seat storage as well as a bag hook that extends from the front of the seat base. The seat is well padded and contoured, but is short in length. There is neither a footrest nor a grab rail for the pillion rider. The grab rails can be bought for an additional amount from the optional accessories list.

The Vespa S gets a 125 cc three valve engine that produces 9.92 bhp at 7,500 rpm and offers maximum torque of 10.6 Nm at 6,000 rpm. This engine is mated to a continuous variable transmission. Piaggio claims an ARAI fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl. The fuel tank capacity is 8.5 litre
The Vespa S, with its steel monocoque body and 105 kg, is one of the lightest scooters in India. The scooter gets a 200 mm ventilated disc at the front and 140 mm drum at the rear.
The competition comes from the likes of the Vespa LX and VX models, the Honda Active, the Suzuki Access and the Mahindra Rodeo RZ which are all cheaper.