Friday, October 10, 2014

Application of Big Data in Automotive Industry

Application of Big Data in Automotive Industry - In the sector forecasts reveal that in 2015 the automobile sector will be the 2 more great generator of data from multiple sources, which includes the sensor signals, based on GPS navigation log, ad hoc network based on data from the car, registration and license, warranty and insurance data banks, and so taking advantage of this incredible quantity, variety, speed, and accuracy of the data suggests multiple applications and areas of interest for the main protagonists of the automotive industry.

Designers, manufacturers of original equipment accessories and producers to improve the efficiency, strength, longevity, features, security, prevention of theft from vehicles and spare parts in alignment with the entries of great analysis of design data for the parameters, the itineraries and the customs of driving, cab in the preferences, the communication media use, service relationships, to make some name - as well the dramatic moves on hold and customer experience. Car dealers can renew their budgets for the maintenance of a perfect synchronization between value-cum-supply chain management, inventory management, post-sale service, a good warranty coverage policies and the memorandum.

Operators of commercial fleets, to tax authorities, the air traffic controllers, insurance companies and state and local governments will be able to address a wide range of exclusive and concerns by adopting startling revelations to crush data techniques. Of particular importance is a conservative proxy for model that you can standardize more compatible issues such as the load control, over-the-road taxes, emission levels, the optimization of the routes, traffic violation rule & diversion, an evaluation of the downtime, more driver scenarios, accident subject situations and people, the fraud and theft, sensing and signaling in real-time scenario and predictive Annunciazione automatic prevention. A special case of study is that of tax evasion for the citizens after having achieved our cash of scrap cars, by determining the likelihood of selling your car within a certain period of time, and allertando as well, the authorities concerned.

In addition to the traditional advantages, benefits of a great abundance of data are also if conventional thinking and processes divides the stage with him. For example, the web sites and software to meet the demands of car owners in regard to the depreciation of the resale value for their vehicles can exploit the added value of analysis of the data, in order to optimize their responses around a reasonable maximum selling price - much more uniform and practical, and acceptable approach for people who are asking for money for scrap cars, but delay the decision by the lack of information and the fear of being exploited.

Indeed, many micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the framework of the "used car" the industry has created a lucrative scheme apparently called "cash for scrap" only after the baptism an old concept with the common but seductive phrase. As such, it is not unpleasant, but only to the extent that there are dark affairs organized behind the dead, metals deficient his junkyards. From a social point of view, a broad and complex puzzles that involve seemingly different issues, such as increasing the frequency of carjacking & other criminal offenses the occurrences of a particular area, along with the existence of unexplained phenomena, not accounted for in the accounts in the bank the funds of residents of the same area, it is quite a big problem of data with a potential to create serious crimes if not controlled in real time, ignoring the convention of a causal link of these inspections.

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