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Engine speed and power motorcycle in over 150 cc
Engine speed and power motorcycle in over 150 cc - Bikers (Bos Automotive) have always enjoyed much the request in India. With the improvement of the revenue, as well as their awareness of the population, the number of persons who acquire a bicycle has increased manifold in the recent period. The people know that the different options available in the market and by increasing the income available levels, there are many who can afford more expensive 150 cc bikes in India. While the previous generation has had to be content with a low cost, less powerful bikes and scooters in because of the insufficiency of funds, the current generation of buyers has not of such limitations.
Engine speed and power motorcycle in over 150 cc = Here is a look at the five best options in the 150 cc segment bikes in India.
Bajaj Having - this as Boy is without doubt the first SAC-unites nations when it comes to the 150 cc bikes in India. Almost as bad as the first love, this bike is a great combination of good appearance, style, the affordable access, ease of handling and fuel economy. Price of RS 67000/- and above, having works in a powerful 149.01cc 4-stroke, SDR-i, air-cooled engine with a cylinder capable of producing 15.06 PS of power and 12.5 Nm for the couple. This constitutes a good mileage of 62 kmpl as well.

Hero Hunk - this really is a beautiful bike to look at, the Hunk is a judicious blend or raw power, elegance, good fuel economy and the affordability. COLORED and elegant, the Hunk adds to the personality of the additional clause and, therefore, it is a rage among college going students. Runs on a 149.2 cc, 4-time, mono-cylinder air-cooled engine powerful enough to generate 10.6 kw of power and 12.8 Nm for the couple. Price of RS 67125/- and above, the Hunk returns a mileage of 55 kmpl.

CBZ Xtreme Hero - the brother of Hunk, CBZ Xtreme is a bike worthy of the 150 cc segment. It derives its powers from the 149.2 cc, 4-stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, SLO engine with 14.4 PS of power and 12.8 Nm for the couple. Young and sporty, the Xtreme recourse to the young people who are looking for a powerful, stylish bike. A price of RS 60465/ ), this bike gives a better mileage of 61 kmpl.

Honda CBR 150R - another worthy Fahrrad in the above 150cc cycling' list is the Honda CBR 150R the price RS 1.8 Lakh and above. Runs on a 149.4 cc, engine to DACT 18PS and 12.6Nm, the Honda CBR is an expensive sport bike adapted to visit as well.

YAMAHA FZ-S (is) - is a muscular organ 153cc mountain runs on a 4-stroke single lift, 14 PS and 13.6 Nm engine. Attractive and elegant, this bike offer 34 kmpl mileage. The cost for the upwards of RS 81000) and is a worthy candidate for first place in 150cc segment.

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