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Ferrari 430 Scuderia Sports Car
The good look at this high-performance sports car classic to compare rival, the story, the use price, technical data, characteristics, - Ferrari 430 Scuderia

To the modern classic from


The sports car of the 360 Challenge Strathclyde Dale, mutant 360 Modena Challenge, the Pure Land, was a street version which was built as part of the Ferrari Challenge race series both built in 1999-2004.

Published without the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show of Michael Schumacher other than their own, the price of $ 250,000, (the name means "stable of horses") was the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

The successor of the law of the path 360 Challenge Strathclyde Dale of natural, two-seater sports car Berlinetta, has been designed to compete with the likes of (ie Super Light) Lamborghini Gallardo Super Leger and Porsche 911 GT3.

Similarly Challenge series, and its predecessor, the 430 Scuderia cabin, along with the extensive use of carbon fiber, has been stripped of unnecessary elements of all in order to minimize weight.

As a result, I have a net weight of 1250 kg, which was 100 kg lighter than the production of the F430. I received a leather of widespread use in the hut.

The rate of change, F1 style gear shift paddle shift 6 speed of the system so that it was reduced from 150 to 60 ms only, used in the Scuderia has been changed again using the "ultra-high-speed 2" software.

The novelty of the other, and are integrated F1-Trac and limited, when the stability of the traction control comes out, the driver can achieve an increase of up to 35% in E- differential differential acceleration slippage, corner is that the production of electronic control system unique.

Scuderia had been equipped

      Ceramic disc brakes all the largest helped balance the additional heat generated by the high yield of carbon
      Alloy wheels 19 inches
      Door panels and seat of the race of the carbon fiber

In terms of aerodynamics, I increase the downforce as a result of the use of detailed fixes, including some spoiler and rear diffuser re-design further.

The driver to change electronic stability, traction control, the speed gear shift, and it is possible to control important characteristics of general conditions and methods, such as damper settings, it was maintained Manettino switch on the steering wheel.

Carbon fiber kit could be purchased by Scuderia front spoiler for a component, such as a diffuser.


As F430, is supplied to the power valve 4 dry sump lubrication per 4.3 l V-type 8-cylinder DOHC, the engine cylinders of the same center 430 Scuderia.

However, (8650 red line), and increased to 503 horsepower with 347 ft / lb of torque at 5250 rpm at 8500rpm by the output is to increase the compression ratio of 11.3 to 11.9: along with the new design of the piston and 1,, I will change both the intake and exhaust system.

This has produced a top speed of 0-60 mph 3.5 seconds and 198 mph,.


The most important competition for the sports car Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 997 GT3 wine 430 Scuderia Porsche. Performance of Ferrari:

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