Tuesday, October 7, 2014

His Motorcycle, Honda Technology

http://otomodif1.blogspot.com/2014/10/his-motorcycle-honda-technology.htmlHis Motorcycle, Honda Technology - One of advantages his motorcycle, Honda is well-known very economical and environmentally friendly. And, since this year, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) introduced technology sophisticated Idling Stop System (ISS) in Honda Vario 125 CBS.

This system makes consumption of oil-based fuel much more economical because the machine automatically will die when motorbike stopped during the last 3 seconds. ISS very bermafaat when used in the middle traffic jam on guarantee product availability the flow of electricity.

In addition ISS, Honda also has some other technology: CBS (in Brake System) that is aiming to Honda Vario 125 CBS and ACG (Alternating Current generator) Starter that provides best-in-class for making it more smooth lit. CBS to add effectiveness braking pressure that distributed brake to accessible front and rear brake lever when withdrawn, with this system will take more braking good and convenient.

The braking Technology more sophisticated can be enjoyed by the Honda rider CBR250R with in ABS - braking system-oriented ABS with CBS. In this way, in addition to the braking distribution front/rear better and convenient, technology has made accessible not locked braking.

And, the technology most phenomenal which is owned by Honda engine is injection. AHM step earlier before Government regulation by releasing the products injection: Honda CBR250R, CBR150R, CB150R streetfire, PCX150, Verza 150, Supra X 125 helmet in PGM-FI, Vario 125 PGM-FI, Spacy FI, BeAT FI, Scoopy FI, and Vario 125 CBS Idling Stop.

Honda Technology PGM-FI is the fuel supplies with electronic control technology that capable of supplying fuel and air optimum in accordance with the requirements engine in each situation as well as many benefits among others gas emission which contribute to a clean, fuel consumption is more economical, making machines more powerful. Honda also guarantees the care for injection engine it cheaper and easier

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