Thursday, October 2, 2014

Honda Activa - The complete solution Scooter Activa - The complete solution Scooter - it was not so long ago scooters meant heavy, unmanageable vehicles, which were rather difficult to manage. However, with the evolution of technology and of the time, these machines have been replaced by light vehicles, which are rather easy to install and the handle. Honda motorcycles and scooters in India, a subsidiary of Honda Motors is one of the major manufacturers of these rigged, lightweight scooters in India. Although the company an incursion in the segment a lot after the likes of Kinetic, Bajaj and tvs, it took little time to establish itself as the segment leader. It is because of a single model named Honda Activa.

Honda Activa is the flagship model of Honda in the gearless scooter segment. It is also the most sold gearless scooter in India. As it is a unisex scooter, he found the acceptability of these two men and women. Honda Activa was initially launched in 2000. He has done a 102 cc engine with a power of 7 ch. It is come with options such as kick /auto-start, resistant to puncture the tire and so on. The original version of the Activa was a best-seller in spite of its rather bland and heavy. The people have continued to put their trust on this bike, despite having to wait more than six months to get the bike.

After almost a decade long life, Honda has decided to breathe new life into the Activa. Accordingly, a more recent version of your Activa was launched in 2009. It was slightly more powerful than the original Activa as it has has a whole new 109 cc engine capable of generating 8ch power. He came with a few additional features such as combi-brake and shutter button. The fuel efficiency, Honda has claimed, improved by 15 %.
Then came the third avatar of the Activa - Activa-I.  It was launched in 2013 as a form more elegant and stylish variant of your Activa. This new bike was essentially the same, except that the change in style of the body. It can be said that it was like the old Activa in a new body, such as the engine and the other functions are identical to the previous version.

As the competition has increased, Honda has to rethink their strategies and deiced to give the Activa a upgrade. Accordingly, in April 2014, Honda Activa has been launched with a 125cc engine and it was called Activa 125. The major change has been in the department of the motor as well as the combinations of colors on the offer. As such, the bike was offered in four colors - black, white, metallic blue and silver metal. Currently, the two Activa-I and Activa 125 are available in India.

With a decent mileage of more than 50 kmpl, the Activa has positioned itself as a executive scooter, which is ideal for daily commuting within the city.

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