Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Selection Motorcycle

http://otomodif1.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-selection-motorcycle.htmlThe Selection Motorcycle - Motorcycle in the election has always been a discussion topics that requires new report many brands that are available in the market. As a customer of a product, you must be realized performance parameters from a motorcycle that businesses your request. Here are some parameters are likely to be useful criteria for choosing motor:

cubic centimeters capacity (cc) - the transfer of the piston cylinder from the motorcycle; add capacity means more control, but if you raise dc km/h-price decreases. Both parameters that inversely proportional. You the option to keep with you need. You have to decide if you want to power or fly away from a bicycle. Commercial products from the top 110 cc to give a good mileage and how to reach out to 1000s fly down.

BHP - brake horsepower decide truck. More than the value is providing a better collection. More cc means more than collection, but less than average. Choose a motorcycle with very good BHP for the mileage is not disturbed, and you have a truck.

Electricity Network - a motorcycle power in a certain RPM. In the power which was better. For example, motor can produce 6.15 KW at 7500RPM.

Types of air-conditioning - cooling of the machine with the air or oil is present in a motorcycle. Oil-cooled engine gives a better performance, is quite normal if compared with the air-cooled. Oil-cooled engine is expensive.

The permission - more than permission means that motor that can be used in evil way. Little land permission can cause chassis touched high ground in speed that would not please from switch.

Accessible - make it possible for a wheel is better for us .. to speak accessible, not be bent over. And let accessible to have a way of life more than from light rays accessible. Blend a wheel is expensive, talking about accessible.

Brake : disk brake an urgent and give a good performance in a motorcycle. Price of the products increase with the disk brake. Drum-type of brake the cheap price and this is very simple repairable in the garage. Disk brake who prefer to drum brake.

Startup type - self-starting from the motorcycle expensive in comparison to put in place a motorcycle. The auto-began to have been separated boot electricity motor, kick-start does not have. You can choose products based on risetku.
The Selection Motorcycle Craftsman - craftsmen from the motorcycle play an important role in the operation costs. Products and reduce maintenance fee for a better for us .. compared to products with higher maintenance. You can learn from the motorcycle maintenance. It also would have to be easy to be fixed at local workshops if not, the time needed to get all the services from the authority service center car big companies.

Availability of Spare Parts - otomotive parts from the motorcycle should be easily available in the market as anything maintenance operations should easily and quickly. Do not buy the product is not easy to local workshops repairable.

Prices of the products which determine a factor to buy. To create a comparison table in the conditions for the product that will help you in the election. So your choice is to be realistic to your request.

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