Monday, December 1, 2014

Replacing the Automobile Windshield
Bos AutomotiveReplacing the Automobile Windshield

Step 1: Get a replacement windshield for your vehicle

You can buy these new or get it from a wrecker's yard. And in this case, one should crack for chips and cracks well ahead, before handing over the money. In case you are looking to move the detached windscreen to your vehicle, blanket and duvet cushioning will be required, preventing any damage in pursuit.

If you are looking at second-hand, the windshield will not be ready to fit. The urethane band will either need to be removed or trimmed to about 1 mm in-depth using a razor blade or saw, to get trimming done.

Step 2: Remove plastic surroundings

Stop prying the clips that hold on to the windscreen. These are specifically designed for molding the vehicle. The process initially saves time, but it really needs not to be glued if you have the replacement chips on hand. Simple and aesthetic in value and attached to the windshield, they perform no other function apart from making it look good.

Step 3: Use a cold knife to cut the urethane between the glass and the pinch weld from the outside

Given that you have the appropriate tools and experience, this job can take about 15 minutes to about an hour. The urethane is usually pretty strong, allowing for the glass to move thus not developing a crack every time it pertains to a stress that it puts on while driving.

Step 4: Pinch weld preparation

Use a brush and plain water to clean away visible dirt. The trimming must be down to about 3mm thick. It's optimal to use a razor blade. Areas with rust or damaged urethane will require to be taken back to metal. The rust problems should be fixed and thereby areas of bare metal are to be primed.

Step 5

Now get the glass prepared to match the urethane adhesive. This opens the molecules to the frit band, thereby preparing the glass to accept the molecules of urethane.

Step 6: Use an electric caulking gun to apply the urethane

The new urethane has to adhere to the old one. This should be clean and free from any kind of contaminants. The blowing wind is another problem that throws in dust to the pinch weld before the adhesive can be applied.

Step 7: Place the windshield now.

Be sure you align the top bottom and sided to the windscreen by sight alone. Be sure not to touch the frit band, as the oils and dirt will contaminate the glass while reducing the effectiveness of the activator.

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